TVO is a television channel that is part of the Ministry of Education, and whose purpose is to promote the kind of learning that propels mankind forward. From documentaries to political debate, online forums to award-winning kids’ programming, TVO is a constant source of revelation and inspiration. They needed a unified platform that would tie all their  programs together under the the umbrella of "Never Stop Learning"
As varied as their programming is, the actual moments of learning they all promise have one thing in common. Our physiological responses are universally the same. Our mouths gape to form an “o” shape.  In seizing on this, we not only captured the ultimate expression of learning in our billboard and TV campaign, but we did so in a way that would link that moment authentically and inextricably to TVO.
TV / Cinema Spot
Eggs on Weed

THE CHALLENGE: The "Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving" (OSAID) wanted to create a PSA campaign to inform teenagers about the dangers of driving while high on weed. Teenagers do not like being told what to do, so we need to create content that was engaging to them but at the same time would get the message across.
THE SOLUTION: Create "Egg on Weed" - an animated video that would exist online, targeting teenagers, which they could also share on their social networks.
Ontario Science Centre: What's your Rockquation?
THE CHALLENGE: Ontario Science Centre needed a campaign to launch their latest exhibition "The Science of Rock N' Roll". However, most of the media that they had purchased was traditional : like newspaper print ads and billboard ads - it didn't have any interactive elements that would engage with their target audience.

THE SOLUTION: We took the traditional media that they had purchased and made it interactive by creating the "Rockquations" App. We took scientific equations and substituted the symbols with rock-n-roll icons. Then using Augmented Reality, we allowed users with smartphones and tablets to engage with the print ads to figure out what their rock-star personas was, and share it with their social
Govt of Canada: Canada Student Loans
Govt of Kuwait: Postage Stamp Design
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