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Work done on Mad & Noisy Brewing (a subsidiary of Creemore Springs Brewery)

Mad & Noisy Brewing
Mad & Noisy Brewing is the Craft Beer Exploration series of Creemore Springs Brewery. They wanted us to give them a brand platform that would distinguish them from their competitors. We came up with the "&" campaign. Using the ampersand of the logo, Mad & Noisy, we came up with names and designs for two new flavors ...
"Hops & Bolts" is an Indian Pale Lager. It's an extremely hoppy beer for those who like to pound their chest and enjoy big-bold flavors .. thus explains the weight-lifting circus gorilla with hops on either end. The name "Hops & Bolts" implies that the brewers had riveted together the best components of a European Lager, a west coast IPA and a classic English Pale Ale to build an intriguingly bitter, yet malty, hopped up brew. The gauntlet holding the copper thunder 'bolts' punching through the keg, implies the punch to the taste-buds that the user gets while drinking the beer. The 'ring-leader' in the middle is a nod to the experimental brew-master, who is conducting this mad & noisy orchestra around him.
The packaging of the "Hops & Bolts" beer cans and 6-pack box it came in, was aimed to be MANLY, as well as appeal to beer-geeks and craft-beer drinkers.  The colors & graphics we used were BOLD and EYE-CATCHING to make it pop off the shelf.
"Sunny & Share" was the other favored name we came up with .. once again using the ampersand to anchor the two different names together. "Sunny & Share" is a Citrus Saison, which is Belgium French Beer that was traditionally brewed by farmers .. this explains the French Hens blowing on French Horns.  It's meant to be a summer beer, that's refreshing and uplifting, and traditionally served in champagne bottles (thus the illustration of the two bottles in a hot-air balloon).  The Saison is steeped in lemon and orange peel to enhance the natural fruity character of the style ... and that's why we've included those illustrations when branding the flavor.
The packaging of the "Sunny & Share" beer cans and 6-pack box it came in, was aimed for the summer beer drinker (slightly female skewed).
At select locations, restaurants, and bars - Sunny & Share was available in a 600ml bottle, meant for sharing like fine-wine.
The microsite for "Mad & Noisy Brewing" was made to look like a vintage Brew-Masters journal .. where the users get to explore the crazy & wild musings of the brew-master as he concocts his beer, as well his notes on tasting and pairing the beer with different foods.
As part of an initial facebook campaign, we had a sweepstake contest where users can enter to win a Mad & Noisy trip to Amsterdam.
We had wild-postings in 57 different locations in the Greater Toronto Area, all posted in close proximity to liquor stores they were sold in.
We had print-ads running in the local newspapers announcing the launch of our two new beers.
"Radler & Roll" was the last of the Mad & Noisy beer label series we worked on.  This was a Radler beer - which was a lemony-citrus flavored beer (as shown by the orange/lemon peel banner that wraps around the ampersand. The citrus beer was inspired by German Brewing techniques - shown here on the label by the Lemon on the top right corner wearing leaderhosens, and VW Westfalia van. We also used "Rock N' Roll" imagery such as the punk orange drummer, and the hand holding up the lime-lighter. This beer was meant for those who wanted to try someting different, and brag about it to their friends - thus the tagline, "For all who Love the Lime Light"
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